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Limited Infant, Toddler, Threes, and Pre-K space!


Mission Statement

The mission of TLC is to provide quality care for children through a cooperative partnership between parents and staff. TLC offers a loving, supportive, safe and educational environment for families who need infant, toddler and pre-school care for their children. It is our goal to offer programs that meet the intellectual, moral, social, emotional, and physical needs of each child. TLC is committed to promoting excellence in early childhood teaching practices while creating an optimal environment for growth.

Philosophy and Goals

Early Childhood development is a process that is continually changing and expanding, therefore, structured and unstructured activities are offered for children. TLC‘s basic philosophy is to ensure quality care while giving the children freedom to learn, grow, and make their own choices. The way children learn, think, and behave throughout their lives is shaped by early experiences. Our teaching materials have been meticulously designed and chosen to intrigue the children's young mind in ways that are appropriate for their group level, and provide them with the skills they need. Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace, according to their individual needs and abilities.      


   Westbury Tender Loving Daycare serves the child care needs of children six weeks through 6 years of age. TLC prides itself on programs that are oriented towards the age of the child and offers small, intimate, and personal/family like structure for all. TLC never accepts more than eight infants, eight toddlers, thirteen three’s & eighteen preschoolers into the program at once.  TLC believes that this level of intimate care is very beneficial to the child’s emotional and intellectual growth allowing more focus to be placed on your child on a daily basis.


"In April 2012, we dropped this handsome baby boy off at Westbury TLC Daycare. He was the first baby to start their infant program. Tomorrow, we drop Charlie off for his last day at TLC before he starts Kindergarten. There are no words to properly express how grateful I am to everyone at TLC for the love you have shown my baby boy every day since that first drop off. I am a very blessed, proud, and weepy Mom! Thank you, Marianna Nicoletta-Ferrantelli and everyone at TLC!"

Love always, 
The Goldbergs 

August 22nd, 2016

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