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6 weeks to 18 months

In our Infant Program, the classroom curriculum is designed to help each child develop and grow in many different ways. Our teachers engage the children in daily activities such as fine motor / gross motor, sensory play, reading time, tummy time and other skill building lessons. Sensory time is very important for the infants. The children participate in daily activities that help stimulate their necessary growth. During our Circle Time, the children sing songs, have story time and begin the recognition of many things such as body parts, and animals. Also, weather permitting; the children take daily walks around town or to our local park in our 6-passenger buggy! 

Our Infant Program focuses on the primary areas of development.

Emotional Skills: We encourage infants to explore their emotions by spending time singing songs, puppet play, and dancing to keep all our children in happy spirits and make them feel comfortable with our teachers.

Social Skills: To introduce social skills in our infants, we help your infant become aware of other people, and encourage baby sign language with imitating hand and facial gestures

Communication Skills: Our teachers plan activities designed to increase your infant's communication skills. While observing themselves in an accessible mirror, the infants are encouraged to make a variety of sounds, like animals sounds or names of family members.

Fine Motor Skills: Fine motor skills include finger and hand movements, and they need to be practiced in different ways for our infants to grow. Our teachers show the infants how to scoop up their food, provide art projects with a variety of textures and mediums, and provide toys that need small movements to operate.

Gross Motor Skills: All your infant's gross motor skills are practiced with activities like reaching for objects, crawling, sitting, and walking. Tummy Time encourages infants to lie on their stomachs and reach for objects to increase their core muscle strength. We even provide gym blocks and a collapsible tunnel to motivate them to crawl, climb, and walk.

Cognitive Skills: Cognitive skills are the foundation of learning and knowledge. We focus on our infants' explorations of their environment. Your baby develops cognitive skills based on the concept of cause and effect by dumping out toys, building and knocking down towers, and manipulating stacking rings.

Daily Schedule

7:00a-8:30a             DROP OFF

8:30a-9:30a             BREAKFAST/DIAPERS

9:30a-10:30a           CIRCLE TIME

10:30a-11:00a         BUGGY RIDE

11:00a-12:00p         CORAL PLAY/DIAPERS

12:00p-1:00p           LUNCH TIME

1:00p-3:00p             DIAPERS/NAPTIME

3:00p-4:00p             DIAPERS/SNACK TIME           

4:00p-4:30p             BUGGY RIDE

4:30p-5:30p             CORAL PLAY

5:30p-6:00p             DIAPERS/GOODBYES

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