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36 months to 48 months

Our Threes program curriculum focuses on language, social and emotional development, gross / fine motor, and independency. In our Threes program, our teachers will introduce important writing skills that are fundamental in their learning.  The children have separate learning centers which give them the ability to work and learn at their own pace as well as doing tasks independently.

Social and Emotional Development: As children grow closer to becoming preschoolers, their social and emotional skills need the guidance of a nurturing teacher. The Threes Class is full of activities designed to increase children's independence, allow them to become more confident in their abilities, and allow them to play a responsible role in their classroom community.

Communication and Language Development: Communication entails more than just speaking words; it's expressing thoughts, wants, and needs. Communication also involves listening and understanding what others are saying. TLC offers children many opportunities to express their thoughts and opinions with their friends and teachers. Children are immersed in a word-heavy environment, boosting their pre-literacy skills.

Physical Skills: Gross motor skills include jumping, kicking, throwing and catching a ball, and demonstrating balance. Children will be encouraged to participate in many favorite childhood games, such as Duck, Duck, Goose. Fine motor skills, which include the smaller muscle groups, such as fingers and hands, are also a focus of our curriculum. Three-year-olds will enjoy strengthening their fine motor skills through finger painting, sculpting with clay, and doing manipulative puzzles.

Cognitive Development: TLC addresses three year olds' increasing cognitive skills, which include problem solving and logical thinking. Children will be encouraged to use their creativity and curiosity when they encounter new tasks. To develop logical-thinking skills, our teachers read children’s books throughout the day, encouraging the children to answer questions and express opinions about the stories.

Math and Science Skills Development: In the Threes Class we start to focus on math and science tasks. Children will be introduced to patterns, categorizing, and identifying shapes. The teachers will provide many hands-on opportunities for children to explore colors, animals, plants, and other important science topics.


Daily Schedule

8:00a-9:30a             GREETING/WASH HANDS/BREAKFAST

9:30a-10:00a           FREE PLAY/POTTYING/WASH HANDS

10:00a-10:30a         CIRCLE TIME (SONGS, WEATHER, CALENDAR)


11:00a-11:30a         OUTDOOR PLAY (GROSS MOTOR)


12:00p-1:15p           LUNCH TIME/POTTY/WASH HANDS​

1:15p-3:00p             NAP/REST TIME           

3:00p-4:00p             POTTYING/WASH HANDS/SNACK

4:00p-5:00p             STORYTIME/ART

5:00p-6:00p             FREE PLAY/CLEAN UP/GOODBYES

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